Set aside a few days to visit the Annapolis Valley and choose all of the sites you would like to visit.


Travel to your chosen destinations and take your time strolling around each site.


Learn about the world class artwork that our community has to offer while taking in our culture and history.

Welcome to the Valley

Welcome to Valley Art Map, a website and mobile web-app you can use to explore dozens of outdoor artworks in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada. The art is world class, impressive, sometimes quirky, and always worth a visit.

Use the map to find an artwork. Once you arrive at its physical location, use your phone to listen to a short narrative by the artist. It's as if the artist is standing right beside you, telling you the story of this piece and pointing out features you might not otherwise notice.

Come to the Valley, plan a self-directed tour, and enjoy lunch at one of our top-notch restaurants. In fact, two of the public art pieces are at wineries with excellent restaurants.

The Annapolis Valley is brimming with gifted artists, artisans, and producers of outstanding local foods, wines, craft beers and spirits. If you haven't already visited this beautiful, culturally rich region, isn't it time you did?